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I'm an indie fiber artist specializing in rich, saturated kettle-dyed yarns, vibrant hand-painted rovings, and ​fun-to-knit, creative hand-knitting patterns.

2018-2019 Celtic Year Shawl Club


2018-2019 Celtic Year Shawl Club


2018-2019 Celtic Year Shawl Club


THE CLUB SLOTS ARE SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who purchased a subscription in this year’s club. Please check back again for other club and kit offerings over the year.

This is a year-long club. Member will receive a total of 8 shawl kits, all featuring hand-dyed colorways of Nimue Sock, and any necessary supplies to knit the kits with the exception of needles. The club will follow the Celtic Year, focusing on the 8 Celtic Festivals: Samhain, Yule/Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Ostara/Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha/Summer Solstice, Lughnassad, and Mabon/Autumnal Equinox. Skill level for the club kits is intermediate - knitters should know how to read charts and have basic lace-knitting skills already.

Club members will be provided individual Ravelry coupon codes to download each kit’s pattern - those coupon codes will ship with the yarn. Our designers for the year will be:
Samhain: Lori Law (shipping late October 2018)
Yule: Kathleen Dames (shipping mid-December 2018)
Imbolc: Jen Lucas (shipping mid-January 2019)
Ostara: Kirsten Kapur (shipping early March 2019)
Beltane: Janelle Martin (shipping mid-April 2019)
Litha: Susanna IC (shipping early June 2019)
Lughnassad: Miriam Felton (shipping mid-July 2019)
Mabon: Amanda Scheuzger (shipping early September 2019)

Each kit will also come with a few goodies for club members - all will be themed to each of the kits, and may include stitch markers or other notions that will make your knitting process even more fun. Club members will also receive a downloadable/printable PDF each month discussing each of the Celtic festivals, their history, some background on how the Celts celebrated these festivals, as well as suggestions on how you can implement some fun activities or traditions from these ancient celebrations into your life. There will also be a video available to club members each month that will highlight each project, show previews of the box and discuss the club materials. In addition, club members will receive an exclusive artwork piece created by Laurel Johnson that was inspired by themes of the season.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose the installment plan payment type, you will be invoiced 30 days before the club kits are due to ship. This is NOT for an a-la-carte selection of specific kits. By choosing the installment plan, your cost for the entire year is broken into 8 payments but you are responsible for all of those payments. The installment listing is for the first of the 8 payments.

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